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Timeline & Progress

January 2024 - present.

January – March

Engage experts to inform the development of certification and accreditation programs

Engage employers, state governments, philanthropy, and researchers to identify what is needed to make every workplace Recovery Friendly

Support and expand the multiple efforts across all 50 states to bring together practitioners, employers, advocates, and governments to implement Recovery Friendly Workplace policies and advance best practices

April – June

Identify the first class of employers who will seek certification as a Recovery Friendly Workplace

Secure philanthropic support from corporations and foundations to develop and implement certification and accreditation programs appropriate for multiple types of employers

Create and announce the National RFW Certification document

Prepare the first iterations of accreditation programs to share with stakeholders across multiple sectors

Identify states that have gubernatorial and legislative support for statewide initiatives to engage employers in developing Recovery Friendly Workplaces

July – September

Certify the first national class of Recovery Friendly Workplaces

Announce states that have launched Recovery Friendly Workplace initiatives

Present a report to the President of the United States of the employers that have completed national certification as part of Recovery Month in September

Partner with Fors Marsh on research to better understand RFW as it relates to Human Resources

October – December

Evaluate progress

Convene stakeholders to identify priorities for 2025

Announce second class of employers who are going through the national certification process